• Victoria Pendragon - Not For Sissies
  • Carel Schmidlkofer
  • Pigtails Art - whale
  • Dick and Roseanne LLC
  • Doughty Designs - fiber - The Alarm Clock Rings
  • Art in Nature Photography -photo -camping
  • Elisabeth Seeger - The Mountains Belong to the Sky
  • Shel Waldman - Cougar Vision
  • CarolineKarp - Davis Yacht Club
  • Cindy Grisdela coasters
  • Victor Matthew Ablorh - Preserve Nature and Wildlife
  • Marianne Rowe - Beauty Within
  • Fan Lu - Sausalito
  • Mystic Dreamer Art - Wall Art or Clock
  • Kim ART and Design
  • Cesere Brothers -Lahaina Leviathan
  • Art in Nature Photography - Death Valley
  • Judith Gale Art
  • Roxane Gabriel - Life
  • Doughty Designs - fiber teapot
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These are the stores of artists who are committed to saving nature.  You will find wonderful, amazing, and fun handmade items for sale at these stores.  The artists contribute a portion of their sale proceeds to their favorite environmental nonprofit.  Their donations are based on the sale price of each item not including tax or shipping. Through their art they support projects that protect and preserve wildlife and wild places.

We are just getting started.  Soon we will have artists representing every type of art and craft AND every type of environmental nonprofit.  Join us in making a difference.

Shop at Andalee's personal website or Andalee's Etsy store for delicate botanical watercolor illustrations.

Andalee Hyatt pledges to support American Forests from sales of her artwork.

Shop at Aqua Bloom Gallery for Andrea's mesmerizing photo collages.

Andrea DiFiore pledges to donate 10% of sales from her Floral Waters series to Turtle Island Restoration Network.


Shop at Arroyo Art Studio for original watercolor, acrylic, and oil paintings of nature and of people on either canvas, paper or wood.  Includes mandalas and hamsas.

Patricia Arroyo pledges to donate 10% from each original painting and 5% from each nature print to Friends of the Earth.

Shop at Art In Nature Photography for stunning fine art prints and calendars of Floris's photographs.

Floris Van Breugel pledges to donate at least 1% of all his sales to multiple organizations.


Shop at Caroline Karp Art for expressionistic multimedia acrylic paintings of nature, abstractions, and yoga poses.

Caroline Karp pledges to donate 1% of the sale price of each item to the Environmental Defense Fund and 1% to Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful.

Shop at Cesere Brothers Photography for fine art underwater photography.

John and Dan Cesere pledge to donate 10% of all sales of humpback whale images to Keiki Kohola Project.

Shop at Craig Scoffone Photographs for traditional and ethereally manipulated photographic images.

Craig Scoffone of the SF Bay area pledges to donate 10% of art print sales from his online gallery entitled 'Uvas Canyon' to the Greenbelt Alliance (SF Bay Area)


Shop at Dick and Rosanne LLC for photos that focus on the incredible beauty, magic and power of nature.  Manifestations of nature mandalas enabling people to more easily realize the sacred geometry of reality.

Dick Hoeft and Rosanne Arnowitz pledge to donate 5% of all their sales to Archangel Ancient Tree Archive.

Shop at Doughty Designs for landscape art quilts, thread sculptures, and fiber art jewelry.

Eileen Doughty pledges to donate 1% of all sales from galleries and 5% for items sold elsewhere to the Potomac Conservancy.

Shop at Earthway Studio for magical watercolor and pen illustrated art cards along with one of a kind jewelry made of clay and beads. 

Marg Tudino pledges 10% of all her sales to Runs With Wolves Sanctuary.

Shop at Elisabeth Seeger Fine Art, Daily Paintworks, and Instagram for landscape oil paintings that catch the light and life of the natural world.

Elisabeth Seeger pledges to donate 10% of all her sales to The Nature Conservancy.

Shop at Enchantingly Soulful Creations on Facebook for creative art pieces beautifully handmade from natural, raw, and earthly materials. 

Alarna Valerie pledges to donate 2% of all her sales to The Nature Conservancy.

Shop at Erika McGinnis Art for ethereal paintings and drawings.

Erika McGinnis pledges to support the International Dark-Sky Association.

Shop at Fan Lu Paintings & Illustration for landscape paintings in oil and watercolor. Visit Fan on Instagram and on Facebook.

Fan Lu pledges to donate 10% of the sale price of each landscape painting to The Mountain Institute.


Shop at Judith Gale Art on Instagram, and on Saatchi, and on Etsy,  and on her personal website, for paintings that bring the tiny wonders of nature to life.

Judith Gale pledges to donate 10% of all her sales to the Molluscan Science Foundation.


Shop at Karen Balon Art at her personal website, or Fine Art America, or Redbubble, or Instagram for art inspired by Gaia's Alchemy.

Karen Elizabeth Balon pledges to donate 5% of all her sales to TreeSisters.


Shop at Kelley's website for artistic fine art photography and mixed media art.

Kelley Jakelis pledges to donate 1% of all her sales to MountainTrue.



Shop at Kim ART and Design for limited edition prints of ancient trees.

Kim Reid pledges to donate 50% of the sale price of each limited edition print of Sanctuary Forest inspired paintings (Luna and Big Red) to Sanctuary Forest.



Shop at Marianne Rowe's website for mixed media landscapes and natural forms.

Marianne Rowe pledges to donate 25% of all her sales to World Wildlife Fund.

Shop at Mystic Dreamer Art for colorful, fun polymer clay creations from elegant to whimsical.

Ann Kruglak pledges to donate 100% of all her sales to Rainforest Trust.

Shop at Patricia's website, or Saatchi Art, or Artfinder for her abstract mixed media paintings inspired by nature.  

Patricia Raible pledges to donate 10% of all her sales to Friends of the Earth.

Shop at Pigtails Art for original acrylic paintings and prints of endangered wildlife.

Bria Neff pledges to donate 75% of all her sales to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the Wolf Conservation Center, and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Shop at Roxane Gabriel Art for colorful acrylic paintings of nature.

Roxane Gabriel pledges to donate 10% of her sales from her "Our True Nature" series to Big Cat Rescue.


Shop at Sherry Justus Photographer for images that chase the light.

Sherry Justus pledges 10% of all her sales to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.


Shop at Spirit Within Art for finely detailed, contemporary and visionary Native American art. Shel's next series will focus on wildlife and nature.

Shel Waldman and Isabella pledge to donate 5% of all sales to Runs With Wolves Sanctuary.

Shop at Victor Matthew Ablorh on Fine Art America for acrylic paintings of African scenes and Natural Landscape Paintings.

Victor Matthew Ablorh pledges to donate $60 to Bioneers from each painting sold.

Shop at Victoria Pendragon on Saatchi Art's website for a wide variety of mixed media artwork and acrylic paintings.  

Victoria Pendragon pledges to donate 5% of all her sales to Archangel Ancient Tree Archive.