Take part in the design, development, and outreach of ForMotherNature.com.  Opportunity open to University of Colorado (Boulder campus) students and faculty.  Use your skills, insights, and creativity on something real.  There is much to do and something for everyone.  Check out this list of some amazing, some challenging, and some routine things YOU could do to help. Contact the founder, Cathy to get started.  This is an all volunteer project, rewards are non-monetary.  You will sharpen your skill set, get experience on a live website, and perhaps best of all, make a difference.

What you can work on:

Business: Long and Short Term Strategy, Planning, Prioritization, Coordination, Marketing, Branding, Communication, PR, Outreach, Social Media

Technical/IT: Web Design, Analytics, Scalability, SEO, Security, Custom Templates (Joomla), Social Media, Upgrades, Automation, Database Development, Enhancements to User Experience, Mobile Apps

Visual Arts: Still and Motion Imagery, Cartoons and Animation too, Art Exhibit 


Tell me what interests you and I'll tell you more about those opportunities.   Contact Cathy.