We have the power to protect and save wildlife and wild places.  Artists can do this through their art. An artist's soul is in everything they make, each is part of something bigger, and can change the world for the better.


We live on a spectacular planet.  It is amazing, breath-taking, incredible.  When I was growing up, every Sunday evening we watched Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom on NBC.  It is like growing up watching Animal Planet.  You begin to realize this is a very big world full of life and all forms of life are important, their right to be here is sacred. Yet their existence is seriously threatened.


As a lifelong artist and lover of all things handmade, I've decided to find like-minded souls to make a difference together, to create a community of artists giving through their art.   I want to use everything I am, my skills, my talents, my experience, all of it together to do more.   I was inspired to create this website for Mother Nature. Because she needs our help.


Want to know a little more about me and this project? Read the interview by Renee Philips on The Healing Power of Art & Artists website.


Please join us in our quest to make a difference.  Contact me today.

Cathy Berman, Founder