TMI partners with mountain people to transform their livelihoods and protect their cultures which helps conserve vital natural resources for the planet. The Mountain Institute is the only international non-profit focused solely on mountains worldwide, and actively dedicated to mountain communities and their unique environments. 

Together we identify their most critical challenges, developing local solutions that help communities adapt and become more resilient, especially in the context of climate change. As a trusted partner with local communities, we advance programs focused on sustainable livelihoods for farmers, women, and remote villages. These improved livelihoods, in turn, help protect fragile mountain ecosystems that are havens for wildlife -- snow leopards, red panda, Andean bear and condors, to name just a few. Of the planet's 34 terrestrial biodiversity "hotspots," 25 are in mountains.

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Fan Lu / Fan Lu Art: Landscapes in oil and in watercolor. Pledges 10% of the sale price of each item.