Runs with Wolves Sanctuary, a wolf rescue and education center, is located in Limington, Maine. Here you will find wolves and wolf dogs, commonly known as hybrids, that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.  Now, in the comfort of love and compassion, these beautiful creatures can live in peace for the rest of their natural days.   Wolves, like most wild animals, do not adapt well to captivity. They are usually surrendered to rescue facilities if they are lucky, or, sadly, more often euthanized. We do NOT allow our rescued animals to breed, as we are morally opposed to producing more captive wolves and hybrids.

All our volunteers are dedicated to the care of these beautiful animals and the education of the public.

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Supporting Artists / Stores:

Marg Tudino / Earthway Studio: Magical watercolor and pen illustrated art cards.  One of a kind jewelry made of clay and beads.  Pledges 10% of the sale price of each item.

Shel Waldman / Spirit Within Art on Facebook: Finely detailed, contemporary and visionary Native American art. Shel's next series will focus on wildlife and nature. Pledges 5% of the sale price of each item.