Why We're Doing This

We have the power to protect and save wildlife and wild places.  As a lifelong artist and lover of all things handmade, I've decided to find like-minded souls to make a difference together, to do our part by giving through our art.  Every piece of art, every item crafted by a person, can do so much more than be beautiful or useful.  Each one can be part of something bigger, changing the world.


We live on a spectacular planet.  It is amazing, breath-taking, incredible.  When I was growing up, every Sunday evening we watched Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom on NBC.  It is like growing up watching Animal Planet.  You begin to realize this is a very big world full of life and all forms of life are important, their right to be here is sacred.


Fast forward many years, I was inspired to create a website for Mother Nature. Because she needs our help.


Please join us.  Contact me today.

Cathy Berman, Founder